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Condensation and Dehumidifiers

Mould, condensation and dehumidifiers Petersfield Hampshire Condensation is a modern day problem. Nowadays, our buildings are designed for warmth - with sealed window units and central heating now a necessity - therefore creating a comfortable home.

However, the downside to this is that it can become too effective and does not allow adequate air flow for existing moisture in the air.

This moisture (created by tumble driers, showers etc..) in turn results in condensation being drawn to the coldest areas of the home.

The short term solution for this problem is to use de-humidifiers, but this is not a cure and we are all left continuously emptying these machines of water.

Mould, condensation and dehumidifiers Petersfield Hampshire An alternative method, which in our opinion would be more cost effective and successful, would be to install a warm air ventilation system.

This would eradicate condensation and mould and once installed are virtually maintenance-free. This method can be installed into the ceiling of the landing or hallway or external walls, and has recently been approved by local council authorities who recognise that this could be the way forward.

Mould, condensation and dehumidifiers Petersfield Hampshire Mould, condensation and dehumidifiers Petersfield Hampshire


In simple terms, a good quality low energy input ventilation unit will provide a significantly greater amount of energy into the home than the energy it consumes in the form of electricity, providing a considerable net energy gain.


The easiest way of eradicating mould is to eliminate the condensation so as to prevent any growth at all. Air moisture causes the growth of black mould on all cold surfaces, walls, to the corners in particular (which can spread to entire wall and cieling surfaces) behind furnishings (mostly when against cold walls) curtains and even clothes within a wardrobe.

All buildings, domestic and commercial, contain mould spores which lay dormant until the correct conditions - minimum nutrients (moisture) activiate the fungi and germination resulting in unsightly black mould. This is a progressive condition in modern homes and even slight contamination is a serious health risk which can result in asthma and other respiratory diseases. Mould also attacks foods resulting in producing dangerous toxins which in turn can give food poisoning.

Environmental Health Professional Practice - Mould Fungal Spores 1985 refers THE BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL REPORT, Mould Growth and Symptomatic Health State 24th June 1989 confirm that active spores even in small concentrates are detrimental to the well being of adults and children.



Condensation creates an ideal habitat for dust mites to exist where a moist humid environment (humidity levels to 75% to 80%) are essential.

The most common symptoms resulting from dust mite allergy are nasal symptoms, including sneezing, runny nose, rhinitis (hay fever) as well as sinusitis with related headaches and ear blockages, breathing symptoms such as wheezing, dry persistent cough, tightness of breath and asthma also commonly result.

Eczema and dermatitis are frequently caused by house dust mites. People sensitive to dust mites report joint pain, swelling of tissues and muscle aches.

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